Lisa is a fifth generation Oregonian whose ancestors arrived from Kansas by covered wagon. Tragedy kept her family from the benefits hard-won by their fortunate ancestors. Lisa has opened up about her early life in the hope of showing there should be no shame for the wrong done by others. On the contrary, overcoming greater obstacles should be celebrated. She explores the social effects of being conceived through rape, born in an asylum, and raised in a cult. Lisa left the Move of God at age 19. Despite a spotty education, Lisa went on to get a bachelor degree in International Studies and a Masters in Public Administration.

Since she took control of her future, she cared for siblings and their offspring, traveled, and explored the culture she was taught to fear.

Among her favorite memories are diving in the Mediterranean, a helicopter ride over Maui, shopping in a remote market in the mountains of El Salvador, hiking along the Turkish-Syrian border, skipping along Swiss mountain tops, hanging with llamas at Machu Pichu, Fado bars in Lisbon, and eating in France. She explains that being out of the country for months at a time has allowed her to more fully explore what she values and how she wants to live. She is especially proud of the nature education organization and eco-friendly gift store she founded. 

Lisa continues to write her own happy ending in the beautiful state of Oregon.

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