This is an excerpt from a booklet written by the 2nd in charge of the Move of God, who became Number One when Sam Fife died in a plane crash.

This is the bullshit our parents fell for;

The Process
Buddy Cobb at Bowens Mill Convention

July 2009

When the Lord says that he is dealing with us in the realm of meat, you can see that meat belongs to them that are of full age. God’s got several levels of feeding for us. He starts us off in the milk and brings us to the bread and finally to the meat. What is the meat? Jesus said, “My meat is to do the will of God.” He said that to his disciples who had gone into the cities to find meat. I think those cities represent the cities of religion, because most people’s meat is to worship God in some form. Even in the form of godliness, they want to worship Him, so in the last days they will have a form. They will not be under the power of God doing what they are doing, so they will worship Him in ritual, ceremony and in form – ‘having a form of godliness, but denying the power’. In other words, the real meat of this has to do with the power of God; the authority of God; the right of God to that authority, so that all the kingdoms and power and glory belong to the Lord. That’s what we are praying for, “Thy Kingdom Come and Thy Will Be Done.”

Now, when you are doing the will of God, that’s the meat, and He said, “That’s what I want you to bring into My house.” Others thought it was the tithes and offerings. When they look at the tithe and offering aspect of things, they’re thinking about money; for gain to most people is a sign of godliness, but what is truly great gain, is godliness. What do you want money for, except to support your life style – or your style of life? And the Lord came that we might have a life that doesn’t need to be supported by money. You live in this life, not by natural bread, not by natural provision. Israel had natural provision in the wilderness, and that bread came from God – they thought Moses gave it to them. Jesus said, “No, Moses didn’t give it to you, but My father in heaven is the one that gave you that bread, and He gave it to you to teach you something – that you don’t live by bread alone; you’ve got to get all the way to the meat.