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Anti-science Scientologists Trapped by Medical Science

After health inspectors boarded Scientology's cruise ship The Freewinds and discovered measles on board, the ship was docked and 300 passengers quarantined.

Followers of the notoriously irrational religion told News Channel 12 in New Jersey that the ship was "the safest ship in the ocean."

"The Freewinds does not play around with the people who board the ship," said General Hafeezah, a scientologist who was on board the ship a week earlier. "They are very serious about security. Very serious about health. Very serious about high integrity. And so for me, it's the safest ship in the ocean."

The Church of Scientology didn't respond to CNN's request for comment. It says on its website that the ship is a religious retreat at the pinnacle of a scientologist's spiritual journey.

The church has no official stance on vaccinations. But professor Stephen Kent, an expert on scientology, says there is a church philosophy that high-ranking scientologists can fend off illness.

"The issue about the Freewinds, is it's filled with high-ranking scientologists," Kent says. "So consequently, a high-ranking scientologist very well could imagine that the Freewinds would be one of the last places on earth that a person would get sick."


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