• Lisa

Apologists for Abusive Orgs Build Wall Between the Abused and the Abusees.

It is heartbreaking to have the adults one knew from harmful religions, especially isolated cults defend the leaders and minimize the suffering of those you know and knew.

With so much media attention on the Move of God, communication between former members has recently ramped up. Former leaders, their family members, and those with less insight into the longterm harm of denying someone agency, tell us about the good times. Tell us that the leaders didn't know. Tell us that our "relationship is with god not the Move." Tell us to get over it.

It's especially disheartening coming from those who don't want to see how they benefited from the money we were required to give. They talk about vacations we never had. Time away on long weekends in rented cabins, that they so badly needed to recharge.

Even now, they don't consider how much those not connected to the top leaders worked. How little we recreated and relaxed. How much humiliation and suffering we endured. How much WE needed to get away to relax and recharge.

Only they can begin to remove the bricks in the walls they build between the former children and those more privileged in our absurd little kingdom.

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