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AZ Man Charged With Murder After Forcing Hot Water Down Boy’s Throat in Exorcism

That's the headline for the article Hemant Mehta wrote about yet another adult harming a child based on ignorance and fear.

Love and Fear are the two main emotions humans, and likely all mammals, experience. They are the most common motivators for human behavior.

For me, this tragic story and this article about it are about the world we live in. They remind us of the many cracks in our social safety net. The difficulty we have in addressing abuse when it hangs its hat on religion.

I, like many people you know, grew up in a religious community that blamed demons and possession by them for everyday behaviors and experiences. Depression, homosexuality, rebellion, and even doubting the logic of demons were all symptoms whose root could be readily found in...


There is enough information out there for all of us to help those suffering from such delusions with simple questions if we take the time to learn them. More effective, recognizing the connection between radical religion and mental illness and locking these folks up for their good and ours.

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