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"Bounded Choice" Offered Children in Patriarchal Homes

Cindy Kunsman provides much thought for discussion about the lack of options for children raised in patriarchal religious families.

"If you grew up like the Von Trapp children in formation in the Sound of Music before “the problem like Maria” arrived, consider that the film elucidated that the life they lived was not so healthy. Consider that adults lose perspective , and children have only one perspective when they’ve never known anything else. It worked for a time for the Von Trapps, but their father never claimed to be a religious expert in raising children, selling his insights to support his family. Love that was not duty and deadness swept into his home and set his family free.

What do you do about the problem of critics that challenge your parents — the parents who put you in a storefront to make you a poster child for their personal preferences? What if they claimed that it was for your survival in a dangerous world? Do you even have any viable life choices? I had one….the one that my parents chose for me."


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