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Braden Simmon's Life Turned Upside Down after Speaking out against Cult

Dirty tactics by Exclusive Brethren lead to police raid on former cult member's house.

"Braden Simmons was in the midst of a ‘mental torment’. It was 2015, and the then 25-year-old Exclusive Brethren had only known life inside the closed confines of the church.

From home to school to work, social life to religious instruction, every aspect of his life was based around the church.

As a member he was not allowed to eat, form friendships or communicate with outsiders, except to do business with them.

And next to God is the Supreme Leader, also known as the Elect Vessel, or Man of God, Bruce Hales, who’s every utterance is treated as absolute gospel."

Braden Simmons with attorney and a friend

Leaders of the Brethren

Lindy, excommunicated at age 20


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