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Ex-Hasidic couple's battle with Quebec government over education to go to trial

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

This case is pivotal in the international effort to protect children from the many types of harm done to children raised in high-demand groups. My own education suffered greatly after my mother joined the Move of God. I, like many of my friends from the Move, know firsthand the extent of barriers to success due to a poor or delayed education.

From a Feb. 28, 2019 article in CBC:

"Yohanen and Shifra Lowen, former Hasidic Jews who claim the Quebec government didn't do enough to ensure they received a proper education, will finally get their day in court — a year from now.

A trial pitting the Lowens against the province has been set for Feb. 10, 2020 in Quebec Superior Court, five years after they first filed a lawsuit against the province.

Their lawyer, Clara Poissant-Lespérance, said its outcome will be pivotal in determining the government's obligations towards children educated in religious communities."

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