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Exorcisms Are On The Rise

According to a market overview completed by Harris Williams, mental health and substance abuse counseling is a booming industry. Behavior Health career opportunities are in demand, and the industry generates around $50 billion a year in revenue. With so much money to be made, individuals are flocking to the field to take a piece of the pie. However, not all counselors working in the mental health and substance abuse industry are licensed to practice. An underground world of unlicensed and uneducated Christian Counselors are posing as licensed therapists and promise to deliver clients from their pain.

Christian counselors are a group of mental health “workers” that do not practice in the secular world. Individuals working in the industry are not licensed to practice psychology in any state. Additionally, they are not allowed to work in the secular business world as a therapist.

Instead, Christian counselors work as an extension of a church and provide therapy to clients that are struggling with substance abuse, trauma, marital issues, addictions to porn/lust, and homosexuality to name a few.

Many of the counselors have received their education and training through the National Christian Counselor Association (NCCA). NCCA offers degrees ranging from high school equivalency to PhDs. Through online courses, individuals can receive licensure by the NCCA to practice counseling in churches across the United States.

No recognized accrediting body in the United States accredits the NCCA. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation does not accept programs from the NCCA. Basically, their degrees are worthless and anyone that graduates will never work in a private sector counseling job.

None of that matters though, churches around the country will employ these counselors to help deliver and restore their congregations from evil and demons.


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