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Forced to Marry; Just Imagine It.

“We walked into the courthouse, filled out the paperwork and basically walked out with our marriage licenses,” said DeRieux, who said she is a former member of the sect.

Colorado does not require an official ceremony to marry.

DeRieux’s father, John Kingston, signed as a witness to the weddings. Three of his wives, mothers to the newlyweds, also made the trip. The parents of the 16-year-olds filled out papers for the marriage licenses. “I didn’t choose to get married, I was pushed,” DeRieux told FOX31 last month.

DeRieux now stars with two of her sisters in "Escaping Polygamy" on Lifetime network. She left her cousin who became her husband and has since happily re-married.

“I personally don’t think first cousins should be married," DeRieux said.

The former Davis County Cooperative Society member is speaking out to raise awareness.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t even tell you how many of my cousins have married cousins," DeRieux said.

She said her wedding day marked the beginning of an abusive relationship.

“The reason they pursue a license is to make it harder, specifically, to leave." DeRieux said.

The former polygamist told FOX31 the Kingston Group uses marriage to control women in the society. DeRieux explained that men can go outside the group to marry, but women cannot.


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