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Gaslighting and its Effect on our Lives

Jennifer Savin shared her experience with confusion and doubting herself during and after a relationship with a man who gaslighted her for three years. Current research helps explain why we believe the deceit and manipulation.

Malcolm Gladwell's podcast "Revisionist History" has an episode from season 1 explaining that we default to believing what we are told because most of the time people are truthful.

This is what Jennifer says looking back on her first romance and its effect on her life.

"It almost seems laughable now, looking back. My first experience of an ‘adult’ relationship lasted for three years and at the very core of it, was an unbalanced partnership, where one person routinely lied to the other. I was completely blind to it. Facts and incidents, that I knew or witnessed, were denied. I’d be left confused and doubting myself, over both the small things and the big things.


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