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How To Hold Cult Leaders Accountable

The headline read; Judge Freezes Assets Of Kansas City, Kansas, Sect Found To Engage In Human Trafficking. This is how we must seek reparations for those harmed by cults.


"A federal judge has frozen the assets of a Kansas City, Kansas-based sect that was hit with a $7.9 million judgment last year for human trafficking.

U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson found that members of the group formerly known as the United Nation of Islam had fraudulently transferred assets to non-profit groups they created in order to prevent Kendra Ross, the woman who obtained the judgment, from collecting the money.

The United Nation of Islam was formed four decades ago by a Kansas City, Kansas, truck driver named Royall Jenkins who once proclaimed himself to be Allah. Once a member of the Nation of Islam, Jenkins formed the splinter group after he fell out with the Nation of Islam.

Last May, U.S. District Judge Daniel Crabtree ordered Jenkins and The Value Creators Inc., a successor group to the United Nation of Islam, to pay $7.9 million in damages to Ross for making her work for them without pay over the course of a decade. The judgment is thought to be the largest ever handed down in a human trafficking case."


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