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JW: Why Our Kids Don't Need Blood Transfusions

The article Cult News 101 sent out today, "Jehovah's Witness parents: 'Why our kids don't need blood transfusions" made me sad and angry. I watched my sister Mindy suffer from more illnesses than I have time to illuminate tonight and far more than you have time to read and absorb.

She lived with, really lived with an 82% curvature of the spine, the worst case in the state of Oregon. After going to school/prison/work farm in another state for no reason other than not being wanted, she suffered abuse and neglect that I won't detail because those unfamiliar with such issues would find incredible.

Her life was entirely ruined and mine diminished by not having her in my life today. The fallout of medical neglect and the abuse that regularly accompanies it, harms the lives of families, communities, and the economics in social networks.

Please don't take the claims of independence from the need for scientifically informed medical care lightly. I'd give so much to have members of my family back.

Thank you Cult News 101 for sharing this crucial news with us.

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