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Memories of Life in a Modern Day Christian Cult

Like others I grew up with, I'm sad and frustrated tonight. The episode of Investigation Discovery featuring the cult I grew up in stirred up the emotions of those from every corner of our world. Unfortunately, those needing to believe they devoted their lives to a just and "holy" enterprise shouted down many of the former children who experienced the worst of the abuse and neglect The Move of God had to offer.

I'm dismayed that the lack of education for even those who profess to seek the truth has led to so much shame and blame on the once children who were raped, beaten in ways most people cannot comprehend, neglected, isolated from the wonderful things this world has to offer, and denied medical attention that left them suffering and disfigured.

The many insightful people who courageously stood up against such folly are the salve for a tough few days. My hope is that more good will come of the discussions and revelations that led to them someday.

Cabin on one of the many farms established in Sam Fife's Move of God

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