• Lisa

Multi-Level Marketing Operating Like Cults

Multilevel marketing companies say they can make you rich. Here’s how much 7 sellers actually earned.

A new study says most MLM sellers make less than 70 cents per hour. Some people make even less than that.

The majority of the income came from making commissions off your downline.

After a while, I started to realize that a lot of the things I was doing were very unethical. Not necessarily illegal, because a lot of these MLM companies have certain loopholes in terms of legal stuff that allows them to be in business. But a lot of the stuff that we were doing just didn’t sit right with me. I bought up a lot of issues that should be changed — for things to be run a little bit better, for us not to screw people over or lie to people or mislead people. That didn’t really sit well with the leaders.


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