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No Investigation of Missing Woman: How Cults Get Away with Harm


There are many ways that cults are dangerous. Restricting one's options in lifestyle robs them of who they could be. That's bad enough. The possibility that the wife of David Miscavige, Scientology's leader, is imprisoned or dead is dreadful. Leah Remini has asked why "why the FBI and local law enforcement haven’t acted more aggressively to make sure Miscavige is wherever she is of her own free will. (On the show, Remini speculated that David Miscavige would “never allow Shelly to be in public, to be subpoenaed, because of what she’s witnessed.”)

Scientology most recently responded to Remini ’s public expressions of concern by calling her a “foaming anti-Scientologist” and likened her to Jason from Friday the 13th. It also claimed that Shelly believes Remini is “intentionally engaged in provoking hate crimes against her husband and her Church.”

According to an article by Jezebel; https://jezebel.com/scientology-lawyer-compares-leah-remini-to-jason-from-f-1831206892

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