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Online Event; Neurobiology of Sexual Abuse

Neurobiology of sexual abuse: stress, trauma, and resilience - Doni Whitsett, PhD, LCSW

Abstract: This presentation will provide #neurobiological understanding of sexual abuse, from traumatic sexualization to suggestions for healing. Included is a discussion of abuse as “coerced consent,” a common sexual experience within the context of controlling and intimidating relationships and “cults.”

Biography: Doni Whitsett, PhD, LCSW, is a Clinical Professor at the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work where she teaches courses in clinical practice, psychopathology, and human sexuality. She has been working with cult-involved clients and their families for over 25 years and gives lectures to students and professionals on this topic. She has presented both nationally and internationally at conferences in Canada, France, Poland, Spain, , and Australia, where she helped organize two conferences in Brisbane. Her talks have included The Psychobiology of Trauma and Child Maltreatment (2005, Madrid) and Why Cults Are Harmful: A Neurobiological View of Interpersonal Trauma (2012, Montreal). Her presentations and publications focus on neurobiological and psychological understanding of coercive control, manipulation, and intimidation including -- trauma, sexual abuse, and recovery. Additionally, as a certified sex therapist, Dr. Whitsett was awarded a Fulbright Specialist Scholarship in 2016 to study, teach, and do research in China.

Email: whitsett@usc.edu Phone: (323) 907-2400.

Uniting The Continents: Support for the Pacific Rim (western US) - Families, Former Members Affected by Cult Abuse

Pacific Rim/UK: September 12/13, 2020, Saturday/Sunday

North America: September 11/12, 2020, Friday/Saturday

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https://events.culteducationevents.com/home #sexualabuse #cultabuse #sexcult

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