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Prosecuting Abuse by Deception; The Future of Abuse in Cults and the Law

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Even in a country with a narrow 6 month statute of limitations, John of God was prosecuted for crimes against a reported 600 women.

From ABC News;

In a press conference, Pereira alleged that Faria’s “modus operandi” was to lure women into his office under the guise of a private session and then sexually abuse them.

Pereira added that Faria would offer women a gift after abusing them.

The allegations against Faria put him at the center of perhaps the biggest sex scandal to hit the country in decades, and some are even calling it the #MeToo equivalent for Brazil.

Nearly 600 female victims — ranging in age from 9 to 67 — have claimed they were sexually abused by the medium, according to the prosecutor's office, which added that four of the alleged victims are American.

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