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"Religious cult slaves did not view themselves as such...

and worked there out of their own volition."

This makes me sad. Growing up in the Move of God, I also did not see that I was being exploited. I would have said that I was working out of my own volition too. Luckily, the leaders are being charged with crimes related to being the beneficiaries of the labors of those they coerced into joining. If convicted, which looks likely, they will have to compensate the victims.

From the article in Sputnik International;

"Police have discovered a group of 79 people living in slave-like conditions on a Brazilian farm, The Independent reported.

An ongoing investigation found that what was viewed as a religious cult is run by Igreja Adventista Remanescente de Laodiceia, a religious community of about 300 people in the capital city of Brasilia. The apparently slavish people are believed to have laboured on the farm for little or no pay, as members of the cult preferred to silently endure all hardships instead of asking for assistance.

Labour inspector Rodrigo Ramos commented on the issue, noting that they observed “strong psychological coercion” among the workers at the farm, adding that the followers apparently believed that they work for their “own spiritual salvation” ahead of doomsday. "They think the world is nearing its end, and that they can be saved [by staying] in this community", the inspector added."


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