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Spanking Ministries Fail to Protect

This is the title of a Nov. 21, 2019 article by Suzanne Titkemeyer

The times I was spanked as a too-old teenager, the people who spanked me, and their methods come to mind in regular flashbacks due to the outrageous circumstances. I often wish I had spoken up. I often ask myself why I didn't. This article explains how the time spend hearing about why you need to submit to adults was a major factor in my own acceptance of the unacceptable.

Here are a couple of excerpts;

Physical abuse survivors have complained for decades that their abusers deliberately attached them to ministries where recurring lessons about so-called “Biblical” spanking convinced them to submit to years of devastating abuse.

Religious ministries create a substantial risk of significant harm when they tell children to submit to corporal punishment and they have a fiduciary responsibility to provide youth who they’ve so endangered with active and preemptive protections in proportion to the foreseeable risks. Instead, churches have subjected countless victims of physical abuse to spanking lessons that normalized their abuse while understating the risks, influencing them to continue submitting to injurious punishments.

Now, adults who were brutalized with belts and paddles when they were youngsters say its time to hold these ministries liable, not because their spanking advice inspires maltreatment — although it almost certainly has — but because religious ministries functioned as indispensable accomplices to physical abuse by negligently grooming children to accept damaging punishments.

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