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"Swindled by Faith," A Memoir by a Member of the Move of God


This is an interview with my friend Richard who grew up in the same high-demand group, commonly called a cult, that I did. He lived on an isolated Canadian farm while I lived in the city of Portland and two communities in Minnesota. I would never trade experiences with him. There wasn't much living on the farms for those who wanted more than church and farming.

Richard has written another book, "Swindled by Faith" and will be featured in an upcoming episode of Discovery ID's series on cults. It airs on July 1st, 2019 and can be seen the next day on Amazon.

"Richard is a survivor of a mind controlling cult referred to as "The Move", founded by Sam Fife, in the 1960's, this repressive cult grew to hold approximately 44,000 members at its peak. Richard tells his story in a unique style, memories and thoughts throughout his younger years are articulated in a way that draws you into his life, paints a picture, and leaves you feeling as though you may have walked this road with him. Richard has written all about his experience in his book 'Swindled by Faith: A Time For Reconciliation' .

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