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They Said God Was Their Copilot

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Sam Fife announced that God had a plan for him to start a flying program. A fleet of private planes would take the Ministry to remote areas in South and Central America and to city bodies in North America.

He explained that the bible referred to the church when talking about the body of Christ, hence, individual Move of God communities were called bodies. The three times a week long-ass off the rails church services were known as body meetings and communal houses, body houses. Of course we scoff at all this today. Anyhoo, back to our story.

Since we were not of this world and it did not have dominion over us, FAA regulations did not necessarily apply. What did the government's flying agency know about God's plan and the anointed men both called and chosen, to usher in the new world?

Several top leaders, called Father Ministry, got planes and took minimal lessons. Sam Fife, The Move of God founder, said God chose former airline pilot, Buddy Cobb, (who just happened to be unemployed), as his number two.

Buddy was no longer flying due to a serious injury. Many people believed he became quite wealthy as an airline pilot and investing in the stock market. And since he was wealthy, he told us, he didn't need to take money from the extorted "offerings" after the very regular meetings. His granddaughter would later confirm the obvious, he got money from the trusting people who believed that being in the Move would mean not having to walk out the tribulation and never dying.

"It's almost midnight. The fullness of time and dawn of a new era," the Father Ministry told us. We wouldn't need that money anyway.

So, of course, the planes started falling from the sky, taking one after another of our trusted leaders. And a few trusting followers as well.

One woman was rescued by passers-by after she crawled from a plane in a Guatemalan jungle to the nearest road. God must have sent them. I wonder why he didn't just keep the plane aloft.

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