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Using Homeschooling to Hide Neglect and Abuse

I grew up with frequent discussions about the need for privacy in how we lived our daily lives. My mother was a paranoid narcissist with little interest in parenting. Joining the Move of God gave her cover and validation.

Many of our parents explicitly discussed need to be free of government intervention. Their fears were based on the belief that "the government" would take their children away without cause. The idea that they knew better than the big, cold machine they understood the governance to be was at the heart of efforts to keep on the down-low. Uncomfortable interactions with child protective services, school officials, and police fueled this notion.

Consequently, children did not benefit from the human, and humane aspects of the real people who could actually offer them opportunities and even step in to protect them from harm.

A devastating and unintended consequence was harm done with or without the parents'/caregivers' knowledge. Complicating the life changing effects of neglect and abuse is the lack of help provided for child victims.

One of the benefits of traditional classroom education is having more eyes on kids. Teachers, school councilors, and nurses are more likely to recognize signs of abuse that adults don't realize are harmful or don't even know is happening.

This is an excerpt from a No Longer Quivering article about how Cost

a Rica prevents and addresses risky behavior in caregivers;

"Here’s where this story fits here at No Longer Quivering. This is typical behavior in Quiverfull. Pick some random scientific things and proclaim it’s the worst thing ever and work really hard to make sure you don’t do it.  Make it a hill you will willingly die on while everyone else sees what you’re doing and cannot understand why. But at the same time homeschool your children so that no one official gets wind of your law breaking.

How many times have we seen this behavior go oh so horribly wrong. Like with the Turpin family. The deaths of Hanna Williams, Lydia Schatz and Sean Paddock. This is why there must be some sort of accountability for homeschooling families no matter where they live.

If the main purpose of homeschooling is for parents to get away unscathed with breaking laws you suck pretty badly as a human being. But this seems to be the main reason many homeschool in Evangelical circles.

These people seriously screwed up because homeschooling is illegal in Costa Rica along with the no vaccinations. Here until you are 14 years old you are required to attend an accredited school, be it public or private."


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