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What is Child Exploitation really?

Suzanne Titkmeyer shares her concerns about the harm done to children in the Quiverfull world in her blog "No Longer Quivering." Recent conversations I've had with people who work to prevent child exploitation made this examination of caregivers' using children to the extent that they reharm those they purport to help.

Living off of donations meant to provide for those they harm is the final insult. Unfortunately, with so few of us knowing what exploitation is, we fail to see when we or others are not being merely put upon, but being taken advantage to the extent that there future is at stake.

While I'm reckoning with a new understanding of the exploitation I experienced in the Move and in my own family, this bit of scrutiny hit home;

Promotional Photo related to original blog post. Likely an example of putting children in positions to benefit from their labor.

"The worse Quiverfull offenders of child exploitation are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. They have built their entire personal wealth and fame on the notion of hyper fertility and micro managing every moment of their children lives on camera. For money. This is not what responsible loving parents do, this is reprehensible!

I hold the Duggar’s responsible for the wave of awful Quiverfull people who have attempted to do the same thing. The idea that exploiting your children for money in the eyes of the world and calling it a ministry. The Collins family, the Botkins, the Bates, Paul and Morgan Olliges, Bethany Baird Beal, the Maxwells, the Andersons, and of course no round up of exploiting your children in Quiverfull would be complete without woman determined to get a TLC show Jill Rodrigues."

Child sexual assault and rape victims are survivors of trauma, not excuses, not fodder for gossip, or a means to make money. And when people expose them in some way without being the victims themselves they are indulging in the re-victimization of those victims. They do damage, more harm to those suffering."

Ms. Joy has been making videos galore about this situation. This little girl is not a celebrity, she’s not even a minor Quiverfull celebrity. She is just an average child who has been victimized by predators. Now she’s being re-victimized by unscrupulous monetized Katie Joy, who made a video and took it down that was must worse than her attempts to pump the family for information to publish. The video alleged that the child was a brat, or acting like a brat, and that the father was merely interested in promotion of the rape for what money he could scam out of others.

While I am happy Katie Joy removed these videos, I am not happy that in her mind a child dealing with sexual abuse is fodder for gossip, or tea as she terms it. This is a serious case where the judge handling the allegations and investigations has placed something of a gag order, no shared photos or videos with information. No one should be attempting to exploit this child’s pain!"


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