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Women Oppressing Other Women

The roles in patriarchal religious communities harm women by keeping them from living their lives their way. Just another way cults hold women back.

Posts by a religious zealot who has devoted her life to pressuring women to be their husbands' maids, cooks, and sex-on-demand partners, reveal yet another way women are not supported in extreme religious communities. Shaming women who choose to support themselves and/or their families through military service is an insidious form of oppression by women on women.

Lori Alexander The Transformed Wife “I’m not thankful for the women in the military. Their place isn’t to protect our country. God gave men this difficult task. It’s sad to see mothers leave their children for extended periods of time to do something they haven’t been called to do. Men are the protectors.” Women who join the military are forced to dress and act like men. God called women to be feminine women NOT try to be men and do what men do.”

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