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World-travelling Tango Dancer Snared in Cult Shares Her Remarkable Story

From Cult News 101; Amazing story of a tango dancing adventurer getting snared in an exploitive, abusive cult.

This mysticism group had the intensity of the Move of God, the high-demand group my mother joined when I was nine. They also kept me from thinking for myself or trusting my own instincts.

Here are excerpts from her recent memoir;

The Burn Zone, Renee Linnelle, 2018 Linnell was first introduced to the University of Mysticism (which billed itself as “more difficult, more intense, and more outrageous” than other spiritual practices) after she attended a meditation class in California with a friend. Spying a flier for the group on the wall, she decided to attend a session—and had no idea how drastically her life would change thereafter. “There were flashes all along, [during] those years in the group, where I did have clarity, and I did see that this really isn’t right, and these teachers aren’t good,” Linnell tells The Daily Beast. “They get you to not trust your own intuition… So yes, there were signs all along the way. And then my self-doubt, [coupled] with all of their teachings on the occult and our ego, talked me out of paying attention.”

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